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"Thank God the head isn't
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"Thank God the head isn't
a square."

About us

Filozof Barber is a place free of kitsch. We respect our profession here. You will find professionalism in the broad sense of the word.

We sell cosmetics and hairdressing accessories in the salon.

Respect for our guests, hygiene, disinfection, proper service, music and the exchange of good energy – this is our everyday life.

Our hours






We provide a professional service performed by a specialist. All you need to do is choose a barber that matches your preferences.


PLN 150

haircut + beard/face shave - 75min

A small combo

PLN 135

sides/head shave + beard/face shave - 60min


PLN 95



PLN 75


fryzjer męski warszawa

Filozof Karol

barber warszawa wola


Professional barber, able to perfectly match the hairstyle and facial hair to the shape of the head. Attention to detail and diligence at the highest level. The place was recommended to me and now I can say that I will definitely be a regular customer.

Bartłomiej C.
Filozof Karol

5 stars! The son is delighted, the first barber who meets his expectations. Amazing Janek! Communicative, professional.

Ewa G.

Very good barber!!! Excellent service. Atmosphere is really good, just like the espresso served here! I also bought aftershave which was recommend to me by the barber at a very reasonable price. I really recommend this barber!!!

Mariusz S.
Filozof Karol

The most important thing in our work is our customer satisfaction. We do everything to meet the requirements, advise, and finally make the customer leave the barber shop satisfied.

If you do not believe in our intentions, please read the reviews of our customers. Thank you very much for all of them and we encourage you to leave more.

We invite you to FILOZOF BARBER

Filozof Barber Shop Warsaw – men's relaxation

Regardless of whether you wear a thick beard or wet shave – your hair deserves professional care, and you deserve a little relaxation. This barber in Warsaw will prove to you that regular hair cutting is not only a useful routine for the image, but also a pleasure. Find an hour of time for yourself and drop by our barber center in Warsaw’s Wola district.

Who are we and what can you expect from us?

Filozof Barber is a place where we comprehensively deal with male facial hair – we choose the type of cut to match the shape of the head, proper hair care and beard trims. Everything that happens to you here will be the result of the work of professionals – each of our barbers is a trained professional who can work wonders on your head and face with a straight razor, a clipper or scissors. We adjust the hairstyles we propose to each individual – we listen to your expectations and recommend the best options.

We devote a lot of time to following trends and exploring the secrets of trimming and cutting, we test great quality cosmetics and tools that allow us to achieve spectacular results of our work.

A drowning man will clutch at a straw – come to the barber if you need a change!

As a barber and a men’s hairdresser in Warsaw in Wola, we are a bit like a men’s cave and a men’s SPA, where our guest will be well taken care of and will have a moment of rest. Not only women sometimes feel a strong need for change, which, of course, means a visit to the hairdresser; men who would like to change their image come to us, and we observe these metamorphoses when they leave us more confident and more attractive.

However, the best barber in Warsaw is not only about “taming” beard and hair – it is also the unique atmosphere, relaxing conversations or silence (we adapt to our guests), good coffee and music which men enjoy. Filozof Barber is a concept of a place where professionalism and well-being count – that’s why we advise on how to care for the appearance of hair and facial hair on a daily basis – but we also talk about everything and nothing so that men feel at ease with us. We are aware that sometimes tired men who visit our barber in Wola simply want to rest during this time, not just change their hairstyle.

We take care of details – it can be seen at first glance

Filozof Barber and hairdresser in Warsaw – we are distinguished not only by people and atmosphere, but also by the decor. If you are to relax, then only in an aesthetically pleasing interior. Everything fits together here – as soon as you cross the threshold of our barber shop, you will feel the atmosphere that you will not find anywhere else in Warsaw: subdued colors, wood, brick and loft elements create a space without unnecessary additions, where you can relax well.

The most important element of the decor, which is of great importance during the haircut, is the barber chairs. It is thanks to them that gentlemen can find this moment of relaxation – pull-out and reclining headrests, leather upholstery and the pleasant smell of professional cosmetics create a pleasant aura of our barber salon.

Barber, shop and barber shop: Warsaw, Wola

Filozof Barber, in addition to services, also offers hair and beard care cosmetics, as well as necessary accessories that will be useful when taking care of your image at home – brushes, razors, combs, beard oils, etc. If you want to try professional products and enter a higher level of everyday men’s care, our barbers will advise you on the best products.

Filozof Barber – the best barber in Warsaw

Filozof Barber is located in a great location – in Warsaw’s Wola district. It is a well-connected part of the city, which you can easily reach from other districts of Warsaw: Śródmieście (Central District), Żoliborz, Bemowo are a stone’s throw away from us. Come to us with a friend, son or brother-in-law – for each of you, the barber will find a nice change of image.

This barber in Wola is not another ordinary barber shop for men – it is a place of many transformations of our guests.